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Welcome to Dogportals.com! We are a website dedicated to all things Dog-related. We are always looking for new voices to add to our community, and we would love for you to write for us.


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To express your interest in submitting a guest post to our website, kindly review the following guidelines:

Topics: We welcome articles covering a broad range of Dogs-related subjects. These may include (but are not limited to) Dog Care, Dog Food, Dog Toys, Dog Fitness, Dog advice, and more.

Quality: We anticipate guest posts to exhibit superior quality, presenting original content that is well-researched and informative. We do not accept articles that have been previously published or that demonstrate poor writing.

Length: Guest posts should consist of a minimum of 800 words, although we prefer articles ranging from 1000 to 2000 words in length.

Formatting: Kindly submit your guest post in a Google Doc format, ensuring it possesses a clear title, appropriate subheadings, and bullet points. Please utilize concise paragraphs and ensure your article is easy to read.

Links: In your guest post, you may include a maximum of two links. These links should be relevant to the article’s content and offer value to our readers. They may lead to your own website or blog.

Bio: To conclude your article, please provide a brief bio not exceeding 100 words. Additionally, include a headshot and links to your social media profiles.

Promotion: Once your article is published, we encourage you to promote it across your personal social media channels and website.

If you are interested in contributing a guest post to Dogportals.com, kindly complete the submission form with your proposed topic and a concise summary of your article. We eagerly await your response!

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